Preprints™ Pattern Bingo Paper

An Exciting New Way to Stimulate Sales

Preprints are bingo game pattern printed onto the faces of bingo cards. Organizations use them for Regular, Special and Jackpot games to make it easier for players to locate the pattern being played.

This feature results in faster play, players purchase more cards and organizations earn ore income and PROFIT. Players also like the preprints because they don’t have to pre-dab their cards for special pattern games.

Preprints can be purchased in collated booklets or as loose, or padded specials on two of our regular lines of bingo papers; Champion™ (1-9,000 and 18,001-27,000 series) and King’s Line™(1-9,000 series). These are 9,000 faces to a set of preprints which are available in 18,000 different faces.

Colors and Patterns

Preprints are available in the following popular, standard patterns and bingo paper colors:

  • Letter T -red
  • Letter I – brown
  • Letter X – green
  • Large Plus Sign (+) – olive
  • Postage Stamp – pink
  • Small Plus Sign (+) and 4 Corners – orchid
  • Large Diamond – gray
  • Small Picture Frame and 4 Corners – tan
  • Lucky 7 – lime
  • Letter H – light blue
  • Kite – violet


  • Available in all cuts
  • Two 9,000 Series available:
    • 1-9,000
    • 18,000-27,000
    • 1-9000 in King’s LineTM
    • Choose from 13 Patterns
    • Consecutive numbering for control
    • Available as loose specials or collated into game booklets
    • Fluorescent colors available (special order)

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