Due to Regulatory restrictions, we cannot ship pull tabs or jar tickets out State.

Payout Protection

Protect Yourself with Winner and Payout Protection

When a winning ticket is presented, take 3 easy steps to protect yourself and your profits:

Step 1

Compare the serial number on the presented ticket to the serial number on the Check Sheet provided with all games. These numbers will always match on a valid winner.


Step 2

Find the Win-Code® number inside a yellow rectangle in a window of the presented winner. Look for that number on the list of numbers printed on the sticker attached to the front of the Check Sheet. If the number does not appear on the Check Sheet, the ticket is not a valid winner.

Step 3

All TPI games feature EZ PayCode®, instantly giving you the total prize amount for any winning ticket. If the presented ticket passes the two checks explained above, find the EZ PayCode number printed either inside the left edge of one of the windows of the ticket or in a colored box that replaces one of the symbols in the ticket. That dollar amount is the exact amount to be paid on the ticket.

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