Frank Moran & Sons offers bingo paper in custom collations with over 40 bright and vibrant colors to choose from to give you the variety you need to make your game a success.

Three Popular Series

Our in house custom collation department allows you to choose from any one of three popular series:
1-9,000,  9-18,000  and  18-27,000.

This variety in series means that you will have less if any duplicate winners in your game.

We also carry a full line services brought in from the factory.  In addition to our three in house series we also offer many higher series brought in from the Bingo King factory.

Printed Bingo Paper

Printed bingo paper comes in a variety of card configurations on a sheet to give hall operators and players plenty of options. Our most popular cuts are:

[smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  1 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  3 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  4 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  6 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  9 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  12 ON   [smarticon name=”fa fa-th”]  18 ON

Specialty Bingo Paper

Specialty bingo paper is also available.  Choose from a variety of unique and exciting games such as: Bonanza Bingo   •   Double Action Bingo   •   U-Pick-Em Bingo   •   or preprinted pattern paper

You’ll be sure to add fun and excitement and above all increased profits to your game.  We carry a full line of Unimax paper if needed as well as numerous cuts and collations for all of your basket bingo needs.

Bingo King Patterns Catalog

View the Bingo King Catalog  –  If you have trouble downloading this large file, right click on the link and save the file to your computer’s Desktop, then double click the file to open it up.

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