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Lucky Star Bingo Paper

A lucky star is randomly printed on each one of the 9,000 faces in a set of Lucky Star bingo paper.

There are numerous ways to play this great game:

  • “Speed Ball” – the number under the star is free
  • “Lucky Number Game” – Bingo on the star square and win an extra prize


  • Available in 1-9,000 & 18,001-27,000 Series.
  • Consecutive audit numbers for better control.
  • Available in 1-9,000 K-Line Series**  (Blue, Orange, Grey, Red, Orchid, Brown & Olive)
  • Available as loose specials or collated into booklets with regular bingo paper.
  • Available in 1-9,000 King’s Line series as custom order


  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Gray
  • Olive
  • Brown
  • Orchid
  • Black

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Thank you, Glenn

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