Champion Bingo Paper

Action, control and excitement are all wrapped into one in this popular random bingo paper. Champion keeps your players coming back again and again!

  • Control multiple winners – control profit
  • Superior player excitement rating
  • No more guessing. No more complex charts. You will know at any time whether or not a book was sold for that session
  • Play Champion series with maximum confidence. Audit numbers on each sheet help to quickly and accurately track sales and inventory
  • Packed in sets sequentially by audit number
  • Actual face size: 4″ W x 4″ H
  • Available in 1-63,000 series

For the 54,001-63,000 Series

  • No duplicates – at least 7 numbers are different on every card
  • All numbers are frequency balanced, appearing the same number of times through every sub-set of 45 cards and the entire series of 9,000 cards
  • Unique rows, corners and diagonals – no set of numbers is repeated
  • At least two dabs on all 9S3 cuts for every ball called when playing most game patterns

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Borders, stripes and screens

Mix and match Champion standard border, candy stripe border and screens for both special and extra sales.

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